Chiquis Rivera cellulite criticize physicist in networks by saying empowered

  • Chiquis Rivera receives criticism for message that goes up to social networks
  • Jenni Rivera’s daughter uploads a photograph and they notice cellulite on her legs
  • Unleash the wrath of Internet users who question their morals

Chiquis, Jenni Rivera’s daughter polemicizes again, but this time people got angry with her for a message that hung on social networks to try to demonstrate her evolution as a person, something that many did not believe and criticized her until her appearance physical, since they saw him cellulite in the photograph in which he tries to highlight the empowered woman.

There were dozens of criticisms that Lorenzo Mendez’s wife received for a message that caused controversy and that textually says the following: “An empowered woman is one who loves herself as she is, with her virtues and defects… but that is also humble and conscious enough to make the necessary changes that are required to improve in all aspects. ”

Immediately, this comment outraged the followers of the Instagram account @sueltalasopa, who unleashed their anger against Jenni Rivera’s daughter, as they recalled an open secret that she had some kind of relationship with Esteban Loaiza, who was a husband of her mother when she was alive.

The controversial photograph and message that uploaded by Chiquis Rivera in his personal Instagram account @chiquis and that until the morning of this Saturday, March 7 was about to reach 67 thousand likes reactions and surpassed the thousand comments of family, friends and fans, the vast majority of congratulations

However, the strongest criticisms were uploaded to the account of the Drop the Soup program, where people went to the jugular and not only questioned their morale, but they insulted her for her physical appearance, noticing that in the image They highlight the cellulite in the legs.

One of the first strongest comments he received on Suelta la Sopa’s account was the following: “An empowered woman does not betray her mother like others and those stuffed family flip flops.”

Then another woman added to the outrage: “I agree with your comment, but there are snakes dragged here defending the black dove.”

And the people did not release Chiquis Rivera: “Aha, especially that one loves what he is. How ridiculous that Chiquis who has only been talked about her because of the scandal she had with her mother, and that poor Jenni died even without speaking to her. ”

Someone else criticized the message and threw it with everything: “If women empowered as they say and who love each other as they are would not use so many filters to cover their imperfections. First there is the example and then talk. The day these celebrities stop using filters and really love each other as they say then I believe them. ”

It was then that the signs to his physical imperfections began: “I have more cellulite than she, what a horror.”

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