Chiquis Rivera plans to come to live in Mexico

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The Univision beauty consultant, Jomari Goyoso, In her podcast “Sin Rodeos”, she managed to ask her friend, Chiquis about your partner, work, love separations, the relationship with your family, projects and your mother, Jenni Rivera.

After the so-called “La Mariposa de Barrio” disinherited her, the singer had to fend for herself, so in 2018 she decided to buy a mansion valued at 770 thousand dollars, at that time and which is located north of Los Angeles, California.

In this house, Spanish style, Chiquis Rivera raised her brothers and lived her marriage next to Lorenzo Mendez. After going to therapy, the “Necia” singer decided to get rid of the past and rebuild her life in another home, so she decided to sell the property.

Chiquis Rivera confessed where he will live now

“I think I’m going to start with an apartment here (Miami). I thought of Mexico City, as I love Los Angeles, but it exhausted me, “said Lorenzo Méndez’s ex-partner, who is working on letting go of his brothers, who are now growing up, as well as the recent relationship that ended.

In the end, the singer has decided to live in the south of the United States: “I love Miami and before I didn’t like it so much, she said: ‘Oh, how hot’ and yes, I don’t like the heat so much, but I feel very sexy here in this city“, said.

The daughter of Jenni Rivera He confessed that he was surprised, since his house was for sale for a million dollars only four days, and immediately it was sold so he did not give him the opportunity to say goodbye to the property.

“It happened so fast, I cried. It makes me sad and it will be very difficult. I don’t want to take anything from the house, just my clothes, I’m going to clean everything and I’m going to leave all the memories and all the parties I had there, the bad remains, for sure, “he said.



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