Chiquis Rivera puts on Jailyne Ojeda-style leggings and triumphs

Chiquis Rivera has been characterized by being a woman with dangerous curves and she presumes them whenever she can, so this time she put on leggings in the style of Jailyne Ojeda, with which the social networks burst and she was looked spectacular and her loyal followers were they made it known with a like where he received a total of 113 thousand, in addition to several comments.

In the photo you can see Chiquis Rivera posing in the style of a reggaeton and wearing sunglasses with which she looks much more daring, since the singer loves to be challenging when she stands in front of the camera, the best example It is when she arrives at the show I Have Talent Much Talent, where she shows off with her magnificent outfits, with which she gives to speak to her followers who are happy to see her as judge on the broadcast.

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Returning with Jailyne Ojeda a few weeks ago, she posed on her official Instagram account with leggings very similar to those of the grupera, so it could be a fashion to wear them too tight as the two women who break the networks every time they want to give more heat to her fans who like to see them in those kinds of clothes.

Jailyne Ojeda became popular on her social networks for having an overly exuberant body which exploits to the fullest with lingerie, costumes, dresses and even the bikinis with which she gains thousands of followers every time she poses in them.

For her part, Chiquis Rivera, who is happy with her physique, does not neglect her free time, so she performs cardio whenever she can, some of her workouts range from spinning to boxing, where we see her hitting the bag hard, so Chiquis Rivera makes it clear that she is a strong woman who is not afraid of him, and at the moment she prefers to keep her head occupied due to the separation she faces with Lorenzo Méndez.

As some know a few weeks ago, the couple decided to separate due to problems in their marriage, and although both of them showed their faces to ensure that they are indeed no longer together, they did not reveal details of what the problem that left them with their mouths open came up, Well, the newlyweds looked very happy, although things fell apart.

It is worth mentioning that the Rivera family is becoming known for the controversies faced by each of its members and not for the talent that carries the blood, because as everyone knows, there are several of that family who have something very special when it comes to sing, so their followers ask them, instead of generating scandals, to exploit that gift they have when they take a microphone

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