Chiquis Rivera, speaks the alleged lover of Lorenzo Mendez

Chiquis Rivera and her husband Lorenzo Mendez They are in the middle of the scandal after a netizen emerged who claims the former vocalist of La Original is unfaithful to his wife.

Given the rumors, Claudia the supposed lover has decided to break the silence and gave an interview for Venga la Alegría.

The woman has restored Chiquis Rivera calm since she flatly denied having or having had a type of romantic relationship with the singer’s husband.

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Claudia pointed out that she has no dealings with Lorenzo and is not even his fan; however, she took photos with him just because he was famous.

I just saw him, from talking to him, I’ve never talked to him, I’m not a fan but I like his music.

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He stressed that it is common to see him in El Paso, that many people in the place have photographs with him and they are also old images, where even the singer looks thinner.

Here (Texas) all the people meet him everywhere … if you can see, Lorenzo is much thinner.



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