Wael Riad Chitos, the assistant coach of the Olympic team and the former national star, revealed the final hours of the events in the life of the hero of the late star of the Red Fort.

Thursday, February 14, marks the 14th anniversary of the death of Thabet Al-Batal, who died on February 14, 2005.

"Before the death of Captain Thabet, we had a match with Zamalek and we were in a camp three days before the match on Oct. 6," wrote Chitos, who has a relationship with the late Thabet Al-Batal.

"The dialogue was between Jose and Thabet.
Jose: stay in the hotel, you fixed the minimum very cold you and you are tired.
Fixed: If I needed to stay with the team during the exercise.
Jose: Minfach the world here is open and keen on you.
Stable: Ok Salvation Click on the exercise from the bus.
And indeed the captain of the fixed bus and a seat watching the exercise and refused to go to the hotel.

Match Day:

Jose: Oh, please, please, the spirit of the house, look at the mache on television
Fixed: For the match of Menfesh, no match exists
Jose: You're so tired
Fixed: If I walked more tired
Al-Thabit sat on the bench and the team participated in his victory over Zamalek, and was the last moment while giving him a lesson in sincerity and tenderness for the last moments of his life.

Wael Riad via Facebook
Wael Riad via Facebook

Thabet Al-Batal is the former guard of the most famous guards in the history of the Red Fort in light of the championships and titles he achieved with the Red team during his career in the stadiums, which reached 25 titles and a championship.



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