Chivas tied 2-2 with America and will continue as leader

Sunday, October 02, 2022

Futbol, ​​individual moments and the constant of a fraternal confrontation. The Classic in between Chivas y America ended in a frantic 2-2 draw, where the compensation smiled at the Herd, while the Eagles they carried the weight of having been better, having scored with their in-form scorer and, even so, having left without three points.

It was a duel from power to power, where Angel Villacampa sent an advanced defense, reduced the field of play for the locals and suffocated them, hand in hand with Aurelie Kaciwho was placed behind the two ends and always pressed.

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Later, the French joined on several occasions with the good foot of the Spanish central Andrea Pereiraof good timing to correct marks and later, to be one more offensive.

Kiana entered and true to his habit, he placed his 12th and 13th goals of the championship with technical gestures such as thigh control and first-intention shot or placing his shot in the corner farthest from Celeste Thorn. Nevertheless, Ruby Soto y Aracely Torres they removed the MVP label and blew up the Akron Stadium.

Sotousual in the team John Paul Alfarotook advantage of a metered service of Caroline Jaramillo to violate Itzel Gonzalezwho went almost to the front to try to cut a straight center, ignoring the canons of the goal, a rebound was generated and Torres shot pumped to exploit the joy of his first goal with the Sacred Flock.

Thus, disappointment invaded the blue-cream side, who saw how a blow on the table was suffocated by the shouts of euphoria from the Patents and his relatives, that without Alice Cervantes and against two of the best historical scorers in the League and Palaciosrecovered and continue with the undefeated in the Akron with 40 total points, for 30 of the capital.

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Fotografía: Mexsport



Alignments of Chivas Femenil vs.  Women's America


Fotografía: Mexsport