Byeong-gyu Cho (Photo = OCN)

[이데일리 스타in 김가영 기자] Actor Cho Byeong-gyu is swept up in ‘Happy Suspicion,’ and netizens claiming to be his classmates are attracting attention once again by posting advocacy.

On the 17th, an online community posted an article by a netizen claiming to be an alumni of Cho Byeong-gyu’s elementary and junior high school. This netizen said, “I am frustrated from the standpoint of reading the revelations in elementary school, and I’m also an elementary and middle class alumni, and I wasn’t close, but I was happy to greet each other. Raised.

Next, the netizen said, “I hope it will help even a little bit because it seems like he is continuing bullshit without evidence of’or not, because it’s good, because it’s good,’ he said, “Iljin? In fact, he was an unfounded and active friend, and he was the one who received a lot of attention because he was popular since he was young,” said Cho Byeong-gyu, claiming that he never lived with bad things.

In addition, he said, “Because of acting, I was envy, jealous, and the kids were bothered.” “The reason for doing this is that people who post are anonymous, so if you post it, you can stop posting. Post a post. Cho Byeong-gyu Don’t you know all that you bought hard Don’t break it down.”

This netizen released elementary and junior high school graduation photos together as proof of being alumni.

Earlier, another netizen Mr. A claimed that he suffered school violence from Cho Byeong-gyu when he was in the lower grades of elementary school. “Cho Byeong-gyu was famous for his so-called Iljin, poor quality friend.” Mr. A added that Cho Byeong-gyu threatened to borrow his bicycle when he was in the lower grades of elementary school, and when he refused to do so, he claimed that he shot a BB gun, and that there were many swear words and frequent assaults.

Mr. A, who claimed that his older sister was also harassed, has not yet published additional posts after he announced that he would expose more.

Meanwhile, it was revealed that the netizens who claimed to have suffered school violence by Cho Byeong-gyu in New Zealand on that day made a false disclosure. When Cho Byeong-gyu’s management agency started legal action, the netizen contacted the agency and surrendered to it, and sought a job. The agency is known to have been promised that it will not do this again and gave it a favor.


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