Chocolate can be an ally for a healthy diet

Chocolate is one of the first to be removed from the list, along with other sweets, when trying to establish a healthy diet, as it is considered negative for health, although chocolate has properties that can help the body.

Experts suggest going to your family doctor to find out how convenient it is to add chocolate to your diet, according to your particular health condition.

According to the Tua Saúde portal, there are more than five types of chocolate: black, medium bitter, pink or ruby, milk and white.

The types of chocolate depend on the concentration of cocoa because not all of them have a harmful effect on health, but rather their consumption can be beneficial. At one extreme, white chocolate does not have cocoa, while dark or bitter chocolate contains mostly it.

From science, they have tried to identify the benefits that cocoa has on the body, to validate how good an idea it would be to keep this food in the diet.