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Amid efforts to boost consumption of high-quality, fine-flavored chocolate, the National Federation of Cocoa Growers and a group of producers present their own store. It’s called Federación Chocolate and the first one will be inaugurated in Parque La 93 this Wednesday.

(Cocoa trees would reach a record figure of 60,000 tons).

This initiative that takes the first step to benefit producers and an agribusiness that has identified a promising future, It is similar to the one that the National Federation of Coffee Growers had several years ago with Juan Valdez and its renowned stores in Colombia and abroad.

In Federación Chocolate, lovers of this product are expected to find all kinds of options: popsicles, bars with spicy or coated fruits, chocolates, truffles and even drinks with orange additions, in addition to everything related to pastry and confectionery, among others.

This exercise by Fedecacao and a group of Colombians not only wants to contribute to improve the country’s economy, but also to support the peasants who are dedicated to this crop.

Juan Diego Suárez, manager of Federación Chocolate and cocoa expert, stated that The store seeks to provide the best chocolate experience in the country, and aims for the Colombian product to be for Colombians.

“The store was created with the aim of helping cocoa farmers and for Colombians to learn about the wide variety of products that can be obtained from chocolate, especially considering that 80% of the departments grow cocoa. So everything you can imagine made with chocolate you will find in our store. We want to promote consumption “, he expressed.

After the opening of this first store in the capital, the opening of other stores in cities such as Barranquilla, Cali, Medellín, Cartagena, Bucaramanga and Norte de Santander is expected next year.

Likewise, it has plans to open in other countries under the franchise model. Before the start of activities of the Chocolate Federation, Eduard Baquero, president of the National Federation of Cocoa Growers pointed out that the union, “On behalf of 52 thousand families that grow cocoa in Colombia, in 422 municipalities and in 30 departments, he invites Colombians to visit the Federación Chocolate store, so that they do not miss the opportunity to find the best of Colombian cocoa”.

The union leader emphasizes that for its quality this national product has received four awards and recognitions at the chocolate show in Paris.

It is noteworthy that Federación Chocolate will have various cocoa origins in its offer: Tolima, Caquetá, Arauca, Nariño, Magdalena, Antioquia, Huila, among others, “given that the variety of flavors present in our products is very wide, providing an impact in different regions”Baquero commented.

“We want all of Colombia to know that cocoa is very versatile, that they also recognize the fruit and the cocoa farmers, because, just as there are farmers who are dedicated to picking coffee, there are also farmers for cocoa,” he stressed.

For the manager of Federación Chocolate, The purpose of this strategy is also to bring producers closer to the Colombian and international public.

People interested in learning more about the Chocolate Federation proposal and its products, the brand also has social networks at their disposal.

They can enter the website and also visit their Instagram @federacion_chocolate.


Companies and entrepreneurs, independently, have done the task of promoting cocoa and its varieties in the local and international market.

One of the most representative cases is that of Nutresa with its Evok brand that includes stores. Similarly, CasaLuker has developed this business for several years, and beyond its offer of traditional table chocolate, it is a representative exporter of fine aroma cocoa and an important promoter of the crop.

In startups, for example, there are several cases. One of them is that of the Juan Choconat brand that, under its motto of # Responsible Chocolate, seeks that small producers have better income, advocates 100% organic production and is concerned about the preparation of healthy products.

Another experience is the Chocolate District with stores in Bogotá and that promotes cocoa products grown in an area of ​​Boyacá that was previously dedicated to illicit crops.


On the importance of promoting this crop and its agribusiness, just last week the sectoral table met between Government, unions and producers, within the framework of the Pacts for Growth and the generation of employment, chaired by Vice President Marta Lucía Ramírez, who highlighted the commitments of the business actors and made a call to ‘tread hard’ in export matters.

Likewise, she was in favor of attracting foreign investment to strengthen businesses around cocoa.

One of the conclusions of the meeting is that the sector is one of those that shows the best behavior in the midst of the pandemic, with a growth in production of 9%, compared to 2019, according to Fedecacao, while highlighting a growth of 46% in sales abroad.

“This shows us a bit how our behavior has been. We have practically doubled production in less than 12 years. Our exports have gone from 1,300 tons of cocoa beans to 9,116 tons. But we also export elaborated and semi-finished products, 240 million dollars ”, added the union leader.

Juan Camilo Montes, director of the Andi Food Chamber, in turn, highlighted the greater consumption of chocolate during the quarantine.

“Until July of this year, Colombian households spent 2.8 billion pesos on table chocolate, that is a growth of almost 13%. While we were confined, we drank much more of this chocolate “
, he indicated.

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