Cholesterol alert: “don’t eat these cheeses!”

Many are suffering from high cholesterol. Unfortunately, these people are destined to avoid some types of food, but also some alcoholic beverages. One of the most frequently asked questions by those suffering from this disease is whether and which cheeses can they eat. To answer the question is a group of doctors, who say that it is not recommended to include in the diet of patients with high cholesterol i cheeses.

Fortunately, some of them can be consumed by such patients, as they are low in fat. here are the cheeses which can be eaten (always without exceeding) and which do not raise cholesterol much. Before listing the cheeses, let’s better understand what is cholesterol. It is a substance of our organism that accumulates inside the blood vessels. This accumulation, if it becomes very bulky, obstructs the passage of blood and can cause serious health problems, such as cardiovascular diseases, or heart attack and stroke.

We must begin to pay attention to nutrition, when the values ​​of cholesterol reach or exceed 235 mg dl. The cheese that can be consumed without problems (provided that the aforementioned cholesterol limit has not been reached or exceeded) is mozzarella. This is the main food with low cholesterol content and therefore one of the most recommended among the low-fat cheeses. Therefore, doctors can add it to the diet of those affected by these problems.

And can gorgonzola be eaten?

Even the gorgonzola is included in the list of cheeses with low cholesterol concentration, in fact a research conducted in the United States by international researchers has shown that for 100 grams of gorgonzola, there are 70 grams of cholesterol, so even if many do not believe it is a low-fat cheese , suitable for individuals suffering from accumulation of cholesterol. In addition, it contains several vitamins and mineral salts which have a positive effect on our organism. Specifically, these have beneficial effects on our nervous system.

It is also important to pay attention to dairy products as well yogurt (especially whole ones), as they contain a lot of fat. So, in order not to try to totally eliminate cheeses and other derivatives, the best choice is to always limit yourself with the assumptions and focus on cheeses that have a low concentration of this substance.