Chris Brown again accused of rape: the victim was drugged by the singer

Chris Brown, already accused of violence and rape in the past, is the subject of a new complaint. He allegedly raped a young woman on his yacht in Miami.

A woman, who prefers to remain anonymous, has filed a rape complaint against Chris Brown. The facts would have taken place on the yacht of the star, while it was moored next to his house in Miami. The alleged victim explains that the singer would have been friendly, before suddenly changing his behavior.

The American media TMZ revealed more details on the circumstances of the attack. According to the media, the facts took place on December 30, 2020. The singer would have invited the victim for a drink. The woman explained to the police that she entered the kitchen. Chris Brown then reportedly gave her a glass containing a mixed drink. They would then have started to discuss and the artist would have served it a second time. In the file, it is indicated that the victim would then have felt “disoriented, physically unstable and started to fall asleep“.

Chris Brown would then have taken her to a room and would then have undressed her and kissed her by force. The victim explains that she asked Chris Brown to stop but that he then allegedly raped her. She claims the singer ejaculated inside her and texted her telling her to take the morning after birth control pill, which she did. She is now claiming $20 million in damages.