Chris Brown is accused of raping a woman a year ago

According to a lawsuit, a woman is demanding $ 20 million (about $ 6.4 billion) in damages from American singer Chris Brown, who was involved in violence with her former girlfriend Rihanna, TMZ wrote. The name of the whistleblower was not disclosed, but he does say that he was about Brown: they were within minutes of the kind approach to the rape. According to the text of the report, the woman, who claims to be a professional dancer and model, claims she was face-to-face with an acquaintance in late 2020 when Brown snatched the phone from her acquaintance and asked her to go over to P. Diddy’s house urgently.

When it arrived on December 30, 2020, the singer was first offered a drink on the yacht. Not long after, the woman allegedly experienced a “sudden, unexplained confusion of consciousness”. The woman then allegedly became completely stunned, and the singer reportedly then had sex with her. The reporter also claims that Brown called him the next day and said he should take an emergency contraceptive pill.

According to documents filed with the Los Angeles prosecutor’s office, the woman then became panic-stricken and repeatedly misunderstood.

According to Sky News, Brown reacted on Instagram, where he wrote, “Whenever you release some music or some new project, THESE try to pick up some total bullshit.” The rapporteur pleaded guilty in 2009 when she went to court for abusing her former girlfriend, Rihanna. He was then sentenced to five years probation, public work, and had to attend a mandatory counseling session due to domestic violence. Brown was also charged in 2019 with raping a woman in a hotel room in Paris: it did not become a court case at the time.