Chris Hemsworth Reveals Drastic Change Needed for His Return in ‘Thor 5’

After the rather mixed reviews of “Thor: Love And Thunder”, the question is how the film series could continue. Main actor Chris Hemsworth doesn’t seem to have completely given up on the Norse god of thunder. In order to participate in a future project as Thor, the Marvel star wants a big change. You can find out what would make Hemsworth return for “Thor 5” in this article.

With “Thor: Love And Thunder” the blonde titular hero returned for his next solo adventure. As with the predecessor “Thor: Day Of Decision”, the New Zealander Taika Waititi took over the direction this time. He also co-wrote the screenplay with Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, while veteran Marvel Kevin Feige directed production. Actually, there was a lot to suggest that the action comedy would be well received by the audience, after “Thor 3” was already praised by many viewers. Overall, the feedback on “Thor 4” was not as positive as was assumed before the theatrical release.

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All the more fans are faced with the question of whether “Thor 5” could actually come. In any case, there is still no official confirmation for the successor from Marvel. And Thor actor Chris Hemsworth is taking his acting career a little easier after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. However, according to an interview with Josh Horowitz, Hemsworth wants to move away Happy Sad Confused Podcast not yet completely separate from Thor in November 2022. However, his return would come with an important stipulation that affects his character:

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