Chris Hemsworth’s Children: Their Last Picture Shows How Much They Have Grown Up

Australian actor Chris Hemsworth is determined that his children, India, Sasha and Tristan, have a happy childhood. From the hand of his wife, the Spanish Elsa Pataky, the famous “Thor” of the Marvel Universe has tried to make them live unique experiences in contact with nature.

The couple, who married in 2010, had their first daughter India Rose Hemsworth in 2012. Two years later twins Sasha and Tristan were born.

Both Chris and Elsa are usually careful with the photographs they share of their children, although the three appeared with their mother on the cover of Vogue Australia in early 2020.

In 2015, the couple moved with their three children to Byron Bay to get away from busy Los Angeles life. Especially after Chris Hemsworth’s success in being chosen as one of the main characters in the “The Avengers” franchise.

Dedicated father

In Australia, the actor leads a normal life and has been caught on several occasions taking his children shopping and even to the park. The most recent photograph shows that he is a devoted father to his little ones. While twins Sasha and Tristan enjoyed an afternoon of games, he watched over them closely.

Days before, he was seen with his three children leaving a Byron Bay supermarket. He was carrying one of the twins in his arms, who was wearing an adorable cap that said “Koala Lover.”

Hemsworth admitted, last April, that he was doing very poorly at home school, due to the quarantine for the covid-19 virus.

“They are watching YouTube videos on the computer and not studying. I’m trying to teach them and I’m failing miserably, because it’s four to five hours of trying to bribe them and barely 20 minutes of them learning something, ”he confessed to Jimmy Kimmel.

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