Chris Jericho recalls the incident that caused the blood ban in WWE

As in any contact sport, the possibility that a professional fighter ends up bleeding is quite high. Despite being well trained, the actions they carry out can end in cuts or injuries, something that was often caused by the company itself, such as WWE.

There was a time when the McMahon company had no problem showing their fighters bleeding profusely, as was the case with Ric Flair. The blood, in these cases, played an important role in the story that was told about the ring.. However, with the arrival of the PG Era, WWE decided to ban this type of “display”. Times had changed, as had the audience the product was aimed at.

In this sense, in the latest edition of his podcast Talk is Jericho, the former WWE superstar, and current AEW talent, Chris Jericho recalled the incident that led Vince McMahon to prohibit blood from being shown on the company’s programming . Here we leave you with the most outstanding statements from him, transcript courtesy of Fightful:

Jericho recalls that the ban was due to his rivalry with Shawn Michaels in 2008

It’s largely the reason we ditch blood. Shawn got so bloody in that first match of the rivalry, a normal match that it ended with that color… So much blood that Vince said, ‘We’re done. no more blood. Shawn will tell you, that was the one… I know Shawn bled so much that Vince was like, ‘We’re done with the blood.'”

On the fines to fighters for using the blading

“Because after that was when Dave Bautista (Batista) bled in the cage (Steel Cage) and received that huge fine. I was fined when Flair bled, which is another story… ‘No more blood!’ I’m not kidding, it’s a well known story, (Vince McMahon) fined Dave Bautista $100,000 for bleeding in combat Steel Cage that we had for the world title in Tampa. I was very, very vigilant about it and it was because Shawn bled a lot. someone must have said something“.

The blading is a dangerous method used to make a fighter bleed during a match, and whose purpose is to visually enhance the combat with blood. When done poorly, wrestlers can bleed profusely and injure themselves.

Various promotions have used this technique for several years, but WWE decided to drop this method entirely. However, despite the ban and the fines, There have been a few planned and unplanned instances where blood was shown on WWE programming.

Blood is one more element of this profession. Chris Jericho knows it very well. The fighter currently works for AEW, where blood has also made an appearance on many occasions.

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