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Chris Marques: "Pamela Anderson amazed me!"

INTERVIEW – TF1 is broadcasting tonight the sixth evening of Dance with the stars, with the inevitable juror.
Chris Marques, one of the jury members of Danse avec les étoiles, on TF1, talks about this ninth edition and his new show, Alors, on danse, on tour from April 2019.
TV MAGAZINE. – You said you want to be impressed this season. Objective reached with the tango Pamela Anderson last Saturday?
Chris BRANDS. – Yes, and I'm surprised myself. We always had great performances on the show, but before the start of the season, I only half-believed that I was going to see performances that would surprise me. Frankly, last Saturday, I was pretty impressed! Pamela's performance was amazing because incredibly difficult.
What are your eyes on this season?
She is surprising, pleasant, with a very beautiful energy. Surprising because, from one week to another, the first can become last and vice versa. We have artists who give everything, who evolve incredibly. See this ranking upside down on each show, it puts a little spice in this competition. We are never safe from a surprise on Saturday night right now.
You launch, with your companion, Jaclyn Spencer, a new show, So, we dance ?, on tour from April 2019 …
It's our baby, the culmination of a career. For a very long time, with Jaclyn, we did custom shows. We came to see us and we were asked to produce something around a theme: Stars 80, the DALS tour. But it had been a long time since we wanted to create a show. Then we dance? is written as a fiction, there are film sequences that intertwine, with dance on stage, live.
The title of this show refers to your story …
The first words in English that we said, with Jaclyn, were Shall we dance. We translated them into French. It's an invitation to dance, that's what brought us together, Jaclyn and me, twenty years ago.
Why did not you want to dance, both of you, in this show?
The reality is that we have fabulous dancers, including Christophe Licata, who is in DALS and Coralie, his wife, who is on the show when it comes to group dances. They are splendid dancers. We also invite Robbie Kmetoni, who won So You Think You Can Dance, Australia. Tour Dates
Then we dance? will start his tour on April 3, 2019 in Béziers. Subsequently, the show will be in Tours on 10/04; Lille on 12/04; Brest 18/04; Caen the 19/04; Rouen 20/04; Bordeaux on 26/04; Toulouse 27/04; Montpellier on 28/04; Paris (Casino of Paris) on 3/05; Enghien-les-Bains on 4/05; Le Mans on 5/05; Nancy on the 10/05; Amnéville on the 11/05; Strasbourg on 12/05; Lyon on 17/05; Nice on the 18/05; Marseille on 19/05; Le Havre on the 24/05; Nantes on 25/05 and Rennes on 26/05. .


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