Chris Martin surprised with a rare declaration of love for Dakota Johnson

Ever since October 2017, Coldplay vocalist Chris Martin (44) has been dating “Fifty Shades of Gray” star Dakota Johnson (32). During these four years, the duo has kept a low profile and protected their privacy well.

So far, Johnson has only commented on the relationship once to the media.

RARE VIEW: There are few photos of Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson together. Here they are pictured hand in hand as they strike up a conversation with Drew Barrymore in Los Angeles in 2018. Photo: Splash News / NTB
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– I will not talk about it, but I am very happy, the actress told the magazine Tatler when she graced their front page in the autumn three years ago.

Sweet session

Many were probably therefore very surprised when Martin on Tuesday this week suddenly proclaimed his love for the 32-year-old during a concert in London.

Surprises with private disclosure

Surprises with private disclosure

It was when Coldplay performed the song “My Universe” in front of a packed hall in Shepherd’s Bush Empire that the artist came up with the sweet gesture, writes E! News.

Among the audience, more specifically in a balcony above the stage, Johnson was also present this evening, and Martin decided to take advantage of that.

“This is about my universe, and she’s here tonight,” he boasted in his declaration of love, pointing to the Hollywood star on the balcony, according to the website.

Actor Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin separate Video licensed from Splash News / All Over Press
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Johnson is said to have gathered her hands in front of her in gratitude before she threw her arms in the air and began to dance to the song.

The episode was captured by a fan who posted the sweet session on his Instagram story, and E! News has taken a screenshot of the video posted on their website.

“A wonderful couple”

As mentioned, the turtle doves are not known for sharing their love life in public, but Chris Martin’s ex-wife, Gwyneth Paltrow (49), has not managed to hide her enthusiasm for the relationship.

Reveals why the space was gone

Reveals why the space was gone

– I adore her, revealed the actor, who has children Apple (17) and Moses (15) with the Coldplay star, to Harper’s Bazaar last year.

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As most celebrity couples, Martin and Johnson have also been exposed to wrestling. In the summer of 2019, several American websites reported that the two stars had ended it after two years as lovers.

However, this was denied by Johnson’s mother, Melanie Griffith (64), just a few months later with the following statement.

– I love my daughter’s boyfriend. I think they are a great couple, she told People.

This was not the first time the “Working Girl” star eased the veil regarding her daughter’s romance with the talented artist.

- They have found each other again

– They have found each other again

In an interview with People the year before, she also failed to brag about Chris Martin.

– I adore him! But Dakota is very private about her own life, and I respect that, she said at the time.

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