Chris Pratt is so smitten with Katherine Schwarzenegger, you will not believe what he said – HL has the EXCLUSIVE scoop! Here's the pair seagull headed for the next step: engagement.

Chris Pratt, 39, is more than infatuated with Katherine Schwarzenegger, 28. The Guardians of the Galaxy star was first publicly spotted with Arnold's daughter on June 16, and already, he's seeing a long-term future with her … and only her! "Chris has fallen in love with Katherine and has told her that she is the last person he wants ever kiss," a source close to Chris EXCLUSIVELY shares with Hollywood Life, Malibu's Tra Di Noi restaurant conveyed that message on Oct. "They are not in the honeymoon phase of their relationship." 23! And that's just recalling one of the many dates they've been spotted on, from more romantic dinners to attending church together. As our source says, Chris is "loving every minute" of being with the Maverick and Me author. And here's why.

"She embraces everything he wants in a partner," our source continues. "She's beautiful, smart and caring and understanding his humor." Check and check! Katherine's "wonderful and genuine to his son." The Avengers: Infinity War actor shares his six-year-old son, Jack, with Anna Faris, 41. News broke today that he finalized his divorce from the Scary Movie actress, whom he married in 2009, according to E! News, "The judge signed the judgment on October 24 so the relationship's status was dissolved as of October 24," the outlet's source claimed. 2. "But the timing of Chris' romance is just but awkward, as just two days ago, Jack went trick-or-treating with his freshly divorced parents … along with Katherine and Anna's boyfriend of nearly one year, Michael Barrett!

As we've told you, the family outing went swimmingly. Katherine was a "little nervous" to hang out with her boyfriend's ex-wife, but Chris gave her a heartfelt pep talk, according to what the author's friend EXCLUSIVELY told us on Nov. 1! As for Anna, she "made it easy" Chris' old lover during the Halloween double date! Not only does Anna approve of Katherine, but the new couple has met each side's families. Chris' brother, Cullywas in his 42nd birthday just five days ago with Katherine on the opposite end of the restaurant table. With all that said, our two notes are "to be on the fast track to engagement." And on a sweet final note, our insider shares, "They share love and laughter and that is everything to him. He can not get enough of her! "


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