Chris Rock breaks the silence after Will Smith slapped him: “I’m fine”

It’s been more than two months since Will Smith slapped Chris Rock in the face of the Oscars. And even though he promised not to talk about it unless he was paid for it, he finally decided to break the silence.

True to his style and as he assured him, he did it in the middle of his Stand-Up show at the Royal Albert Hall in the United Kingdom,comedian said: “I’m fine, in case anyone is wondering.” Adding that “I have recovered most of my hearing”, he said generating laughter and making clear reference to the slap that the actor gave him.

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It is worth mentioning that recently Chris Rock shared the stage with comedian Dave Chappellewho – coincidentally – he was also assaulted in the middle of his show.

Specifically, Chappelle was shot down by an aide who was seeking attention to bring justice for his grandmother who was evicted from her home.

And after the aggression, Rock went on stage and joked again about the moment lived at the Oscars saying: Was that Will Smith?