Chris Rock jokes about being slapped by Will Smith at the Oscars

The slap that Will Smith gave Chris Rock live for a comment about his wife during the 94th edition of the Oscars It has been one of the most commented news in recent months and caused the expulsion of the interpreter of I’m legend of the acts of the Academy for ten years. The humorist, who during the days after the incident did not want to speak, has begun to make jokes about what happened. “I’m fine, in case anyone was wondering. I have regained most of my hearing“, laughed the also actor before the 5,000 attendees who filled the Albert Hall in London this Thursday in one of his shows. But to the surprise of those present, the comedian continued to make jokes of the tense moment, revealing when they will be able to hear the whole story : “People expect me to talk nonsense and I’m not going to do it now. Yes eventually on Netflix“, said Rock, just as he picks up The Times.


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Chris, who had previously stated that he would not talk about the slap until he saw a blank check with his name on it because he was filling out all his showscontinued joking with the public about how he had felt when receiving the slap and made a funny reflection: “Anyone who says ‘words hurt’ has never been punched in the face“. The truth is that the comedian’s opinion about what happened has been changing over the weeks, since just a month ago, during his surprise appearance at the Comedy Cellar in New York, the creator of Everybody Hates Chris told his followers that lower their expectations because there was no way I was going to talk about it.

And although the humorist has said that he does not want to talk about it, Rock also addressed the subject during a show secret with Dave Chappelle a few days after the coup by Will Smith, jokingly telling his partner stand-up what the word “slap” was “too soft” to define the slap he received from the protagonist of The prince of Bel Air. We will have to wait for his next shows to find out if the comedian continues along this line or finally decides to tell how he felt during the Oscar ceremony. Of course, what the actor also avoided is that the police arrest Will Smith after his controversial altercation. In fact, according to Will Packer, one of the Hollywood Academy Awards producers, the agents were going to arrest him for assault.

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Will Smith, who collected his first statuette the night of what happened at the Oscars, apologized for what happened through a statement: “My behavior at the Academy Awards last night was unacceptable and inexcusable. Jokes at my expense are part of the job, but a joke about Jada’s medical condition was too much for me and I reacted emotionally. I deeply regret that my behavior has tarnished what has been a wonderful journey for all of us.“, he recounted.