Chris Rock says he is not interested in a reconciliation with Will Smith or Jada Pinkett-Smith

It seems that everything has been said about Will Smith’s controversial slap to Chris Rock during the past Oscars, but its protagonists still have things to say and some could surprise more than one. Recently, the comedian would have stated that he is not interested in a reconciliation with Will Smith or Jada Pinkett-Smith.

Although at first there was a lot of talk on the networks about a possible rivalry between Rock and the couple, the whole world witnessed things reaching another level and now it is the comedian who seems to have the advantage, from making material for his stand-up routines until he refuses to make amends, the conflict could be a gold mine for him.

Chris Rock doesn’t seem to mind Jada Pinkett-Smith’s recent request to seek a reconciliation

Through her successful show “Red Table Talk” the actress spoke about the controversy and called for a reconciliation between her husband and the comedian “My deepest hope is that these two intelligent and capable men have the opportunity to heal, talk about this and reconcile” said Jada about what happened at the Oscars.

“With the state of the world today, we need both of them. And we all need each other more than ever,” added Will Smith’s wife. But it seems that this has not made much resonance in Rock, as a close source assured the ET medium that Chris “is not interested” in Jada’s request.

According to the source, Chris “isn’t interested in the Smiths right now. He is on tour and preparing a comedy special ”, On the other hand, the source also assured that the comedian does not get carried away by what happens in Hollywood and focuses on himself.

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Chris Rock’s disinterest in the situation with the Smith family

From refraining from pressing charges to deciding not to make any official statement, it seems that Rock doesn’t have much interest in the subject and has only used it to push the writing of his material, having made some jokes about it during his most recent tour. .

On the other hand, Jada seems to bring up the subject more and more often, in search of a public reconciliation, but apparently, that will not happen soon.