In a bombshell of the events on Tuesday, the three-time murder suspect Chris Watts pleaded guilty to the killing of his pregnant wife and young children, in return for receiving a possible death sentence, confirms PEOPLE.

33-year-old Watts was arrested on 15 August and charged with the murder of his nearly six-year-old wife, 34-year-old Shan'an Watts, and her daughters Bella (4) and Celeste (3).

Shan'ann was about 15 weeks pregnant with a son at that time, and her family said that she intended to call Nico Lee.

On Tuesday, according to prosecutors, Chris pleaded nine indictments on Tuesday: five cases of first-degree murder, an unlawful abortion, and three cases in which a body was manipulated.

He is sentenced on 19 November to prison without parole.

Shan's family was in court because of his requestAccording to local reporters. The prosecution said when she announced Chris & # 39; s request that she be reached with the consent of Shan's relatives.

Chris has been detained since his arrest in Weld County Jail.

The case so far

Shan'ann and her girls disappeared when she came home from a business trip in the early hours of 13 August.

In the days that followed, Chris asked the television for her safe return and mistrust with his strangely quiet – even stilted – behavior.

In later police interviews, Chris allegedly said he would "tell the truth" after investigators found out to him that he had an affair with a colleague, according to an affidavit supporting his arrest, which was unsealed at the end of August.

Chris then admitted that he had killed Shan'ann after he "got angry" when he saw her strangle one of her daughters with a baby monitor after telling her he wanted a breakup.

Chris pleaded guilty on Tuesday that the statement was a lie.

The bodies of Shan & # 39; ann and her girls were found the day after Chris's arrest on an oil factory owned by the company he worked and fired from.

Shan'an was buried in a shallow grave and the bodies of her daughters were hidden in nearby oil tanks, where they stayed for about four days, according to the affidavit of Chris and other court records.

Those who knew the couple said they seemed happy until not long before the killings. A friend told ABC News that Chris had fallen into the distance: "He was not the loving Chris he usually was. He did not touch or hug or do such things. "

But the family was everything to Shan'ann.

"That's all she talked about," Kris Landon told PEOPLE earlier. "She spoke of her girls as a miracle because she had health problems and did not know if she had children. But she really embraced motherhood, and I thought she would take her marriage as well. They seemed to be like partners. Amazing partners. "

Chris in prison: "Willingness to confront reality"

Chris was previously in jail on suicide watch. A source who had contact with him told people that he was in despair and mourned his family.

However, according to the same source, Chris's behavior has changed dramatically in the past few weeks. "He was more active," says the source. "He does not sleep the whole day. He is actively involved in his own defense. He reads a lot and has contact with his lawyers. "

"He is really very excited now," the source continues. "He is ready to face reality now and decide what his best decision is. … He can now logically view things and make the right decisions for himself. He turned a corner. "

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