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Christchurch's Attack: Prince William meets five-year survivor world news

Prince William delighted a young mosque shooter survivor when he visited her in the hospital in Auckland.

Alen Alsati, 5, suffered numerous critical injuries during the attacks in Christchurch, killing 50 people on March 15. Alsati can not see, walk or move properly. She suffered brain damage, her doctors said, and it is not yet known if it will be permanent.

She was treated at the Starship Hospital in Auckland and woke up this week from a coma.

William sat on the edge of the bed as she confidently asked him questions. Just a few days ago, Alen started talking again – in English and Arabic. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was also at the child's bed wearing a bronze hijab.

"Do you have a daughter?" Asked Alsati William.

"Yes, she called Charlotte," he answered.

"What's the name of the name?"

"Charlotte. She is about the same age as you. "

"Charlotte," Alsati muttered softly.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern visits the Al Noor Mosque.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern visits the Al Noor Mosque. Photo: David Alexander / AP

The Duke of Cambridge is on a two-day tour of New Zealand to pay tribute to the survivors of the shootings, which saw dozens of shootings by a single gunman. Details of Williams's visit were kept top secret due to the country's heightened terror risk.

On Friday, Ardern and the Duke also visited a hospital in Christchurch, where some survivors were still recovering, before visiting the mosques of Al Noor and Linwood, where William told the gathering that love had triumphed over hatred in terrible circumstances.

He began his speech in Reo Māori – just like his brother Prince Harry and his wife Megan when they visited New Zealand – as well as in Arabic and greeted the crowd as-salaam alaikum [peace be upon you],

Prince William was welcomed by Imam Gamal Fouda at the Al Noor Mosque in Christchurch.

Prince William was welcomed by Imam Gamal Fouda at the Al Noor Mosque in Christchurch. Photo: Joseph Johnson / AFP / Getty Images

The only shooter of the attack had tried to sow Division, but William said, "I am here to help you show the world that he failed."

"In New Zealand, an unspeakable hate has developed – a land of peace," he said. "In a moment of acute pain you got up and you stood together. And in response to the tragedy, you have achieved something amazing … A violence should change New Zealand. Instead, the grief of a nation revealed how deeply your sources of empathy, compassion, warmth, and love really go.

"They showed how we have to respond to hate – with love."

Footage posted by Kensington Palace showed that the Duke was flooded by people in the Al Noor mosque and chatted lively.

Kensington Palace

The Duke of Cambridge visits the Al Noor Mosque to meet Imam Gamal Fouda and Muslim community families affected by the terrorist attack on Christchurch Mosques in New Zealand.

April 25, 2019

Emergency workers who met William said he had shown great insight and compassion for their work because of their work as a rescue helicopter pilot. "You did an incredible job on a very bad day," William told the emergency services.


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