Christian Domínguez | Angelo Fukuy sends missile: “I am willing to apologize but I do not have to apologize” | Farándula | SHOWS

Angelo Fukuy aimed at Christian Domínguez and sent him a tremendous missile. He did so when referring to commenting on the reconciliation of the popular ‘Wachimán’ with Pedro Loli, who a few weeks ago joined in a fraternal hug LIVE in En boca de todos. Let’s keep going.

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“I think it’s nice, it’s gentlemen to apologize and apologize. I congratulate you ”, said the singer of ‘Zona Libre’ that a few months ago he starred in a confrontation with Pamela Franco’s partner for leaving La Gran Orquesta to start his own group.

“I am willing to apologize, I congratulate you because it is good, it is nice and it is gentlemen to apologize, but I, in my case, personally, I would not have to apologize”Angelo Fukuy added.

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Likewise, the leader of ‘Zona Libre’ took advantage of the program to introduce Alondra Quiroz, the new female voice of his group. “She is a beautiful person who sings spectacularly, she comes from Chiclayo”, he said.


It was in early October that Angelo Fukuy confirmed that he tested positive for COVID-19 and that he was isolated while waiting for his recovery. “I want to make it known to the public that I am stable and out of danger, following quarantine after having tested positive for COVID-19He said in a statement shared on his social networks.

After the acomedian Arturo Álvarez announced that Fukuy had caught the COVID-19, the singer himself used his social networks to publish a statement about his medical condition.