Christian Domínguez | Psychologist puts him in trouble for talking about his ‘toxic’ ex-partners | Farándula | SHOWS

Christian Domínguez He had an uncomfortable moment this Thursday in America Hoy, when he was subjected to a lie detector and answered a question about whether he respects the privacy of his partners on social networks.

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“If your partner leaves his Instagram open, do you check his messages or do you just close it?” they consulted him on the program, where the psychologist was also present Lizbeth Cueva. The ‘detector’ determined that the ‘Wachimán’ was lying and did check the cell phone of his partners.

“Not on Instagram, on Facebook”, said the singer laughing. At that moment her friend Giuliana Rengifo he intervened and assured that he has never seen it ‘toxic’. “Always calm, relaxed … they are the toxic ones … but why?”, he indicated while his partner made a gesture of complacency.

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“It is that you can not blame others because Christian, we have already spoken that maturity has to do with what I assume, I am responsible”, said Lizbeth cave, highlighting the nervousness of Christian Domínguez.

“It is that I could not say if they are toxic or not out of respect and because I am not sure”, the singer defended himself. “I mean, you do know but you don’t mean”the psychologist replied. “Exactly, a gentleman”, the actor also answered.


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