Christian Drosten can also be wrong

AOn February 26, the NDR radio program hosted the first of those conversations with the Berlin virologist Christian Drosten, of which thirty-two episodes have been broadcast to date. Recently, they have only taken place three times a week, because if you want to say something, you also have to have time to read; apart from all other appointments in Drost. The programs have now become a benchmark for science communication. How?

On the one hand, it’s the scientist. Drosten has been dealing with viral diseases for almost twenty years and corona viruses since 2003. He does his own research, and not in the broadest sense, but precisely on questions that are currently at stake. Accordingly, he knows a great deal what is published in his field. This also makes him able to judge when he comes across studies that he considers not well done or when figures and claims appear completely implausible to him. The British medical sociologist Phil Strong once noted that epidemics often not only spread viruses unchecked, but also morally charged opinions. In this respect, the task of science communication is twofold: describing the findings and combating prejudices.


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