Christian Ortiz denies his ex’s complaints and accuses her of being linked to Gerald Oropeza: “She offers her body for money” | entertainment | SHOWS

Christian Ortizarcher of Athletic Allianceis in the eye of the storm due to strong accusations from his ex-partner, Xamia Rodríguez, who points him out to take away his little daughter and not allow him to see her, in addition to physical and psychological abuse.

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In conversation with a reporter from Amor y Fuego, the soccer player defended himself and denied all the complaints. “I don’t have to give any release. Everything is on trial, anything has to be communicated with the lawyers, that he tells his story well, it will not surprise you”, he told the reporter.

Likewise, he rejected that he does not allow Xamia to see the minor and assured that the audios and conversations he showed on the Rodrigo González program are false. “I have no obligation to tell you anything, they are personal issues”he added.

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Amor y Fuego also showed the complaint filed against him Christian Ortiz to Xamia, to stay with the guardianship of her daughter. In the document, she alleges that the mother of the family left the home in 2018, in addition to having drug abuse problems, treatment he helped finance.

She also assured that she takes photos and records herself half-naked to offer her body in exchange for money, referring to the fact that the young woman opened her account some time ago. OnlyFans.

Finally, he indicated that he has problems with the law for having had an alleged relationship with Gerald Oropeza. “She went to Mexico and was arrested by Interpol”assured.

Goalkeeper of Alianza Atlético assured that he does not have to give any release because it is about personal issues. He indicates that his ex has problems with drugs and with the law, due to an alleged relationship with Gerald Oropeza.


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