Christina Milian: who is “The Dream”, the father of her daughter Violet?

Christina Milian: who is

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“The Dream”, rapper and father of the first child of Christina Milian, the companion of Matt Pokora, seems to be doing better since his break with the American actress, 10 years ago.

Before knowing happiness in the arms of Matt Pokora, Christina Milian was in a relationship with the American rapper “The Dream”, Terius Nash of his real name. Between 2009 and 2010, they have love and together gave birth to Violet, Christina’s first child. Time has passed since their breakup in 2010, and Christina is now also the mother of a baby boy, Isaiah, whom she had with French singer M Pokora.

At the time, rapper The Dream had a hard time digesting the breakup. He had notably written a letter to confide in his fans. “I cried about it for months, between interviews, between prayers, and at one point I tried to kill myself when I saw the breakup happen”, he confided. “But my mom reminded me that I’m not Superman and that sometimes you can lose … It will have to pass, and everything will work out.”

The 42-year-old rapper is much better today. Violet’s father had experienced an affair with his assistant, propelling his marriage to Christina Milian towards divorce. “I have always been a loving, hardworking, generous, rigorous father and eager to prove myself”, was justified The Dream. “My wrongs are being sometimes irresponsible and sometimes acting like a big sucker, but I would never try to hurt anyone.”

Without animosity, he had even congratulated his ex-girlfriend when she announced her second pregnancy on social networks. Father of three other children, he is now less active in music, and devotes himself to his family life, with his wife Lalonne Martinez.