The 3 gifts not to miss for Christmas 2017

A few days before putting the winning trio board games, at the foot of the tree, I made my choice for a Christmas more fun. No worries, the list of smart gifts is simple. Passionate about the world of video games and the development of “Escape rooms” , I have chosen : UNLOCK , the cooperative card game inspiring and completely in the game.

Certainly I did before a small detour through the room “TimeXperience-Escape” Nîmes, to better understand this world of games, UNLOCK is inspired by the principle of these recreation rooms that flourished for over a year in the French hexagon! For fans of escape games, I remind you that this is the Japanese Toshimitsu Takagi who put on the market as early as 2005 the game “Grimson Room ‘ & “QP-Shot” . Hong Kong launched its 1st “Escape-room” we are then in 2006.

UNLOCK facing the challenge of playing!

True, 10 years after Asia, SCRAP the world leader has established itself in France since 2015, under the label REAL ESCAPE GAME . For you who frequent these rooms UNLOCK is designed for those who like to stay at home and freely, here is the principle (maximum 1H), we stay at several (from 2 to 10 participants) …

Here are the highlights: The game is launched, the clock runs and to get out of the room, players look for clues, scattered around the walls of the place. Place the questions to unravel the enigma and “free”. Some parts offer a story, others flirt with an ingenious system of logic to understand without necessarily finding concordant points. Of course UNLOCK Explores for many, we can also form two teams, establish a challenge for the fastest and explode the time counter to solve the solution.

FYI this game received in Cannes (International Games Festival) , the Golden Ace 2017 all ages … A distinction that highlighted the card game, the script, the application to download on his smart phone or tablet, and a good point for ” Space cowboys » its controllers of our free time, for the intuition they share for us. In 2018, some works councils could use them within the teams, to renew the spirit of group! Already 250,000 UNLOCK sold in the world, it is to tell you that under the trees, you will not be the first to hold in your hands this board game.

Kikou the cuckoo, for his skill

In Cannes at the IFJ 2017 the Golden Ace Young rewarded “Kikou the cuckoo” . I already see moms taking notes on this playful game that requires skill. Kikou has to build a cozy nest to hatch his eggs. The chopsticks are there, you must keep calm and be precise, for 4 years is a good way to confront the biggest. For 15 minutes of timing, family can play from 2 to 5 people!

Good if I tell you: Lead your people to his destiny! You will dive into the adventure like these nomads of the VII century baptized the Scythians ! In 2016, the firm “Morning” who released this game which is named “Scythe” for “Essen” was inspired by these time travelers. Certainly it is also thanks to the talent of James Stegmaier the inspired creator, that you will explore other territories, will attack your rivals, you will have all means! In short we move a lot on the board, where are the figurines, buildings. Time is changing and revives with the 20s (the Great War), this game got the expert GOLD Ace 2017 (Fij) . It’s up to you to prove yourself for budgets under the trees, between 15 and 100 €!

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Eric Fontaine

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