Christophe Dettinger "reacted like that because he saw a woman pummeled on the ground," says his wife


Former boxer Christophe Dettinger (right) is accused of assaulting two gendarmes during a demonstration of "yellow vests" in Paris on January 5, 2019. – ISA HARSIN / SIPA

She wanted to speak out to defend her husband, also pushed by the "humiliation" felt after the words of Emmanuel Macron against him. The wife of Christophe Dettinger, the former boxer incarcerated since January 9 for the assault of two gendarmes during a demonstration of "yellow vests", confided Monday before the cameras of France 3.

Karine Dettinger was present on January 5, when her husband was filmed in Paris hitting two gendarmes with fists and foot on a bridge during a demonstration, a video quickly became viral. Separated from the former boxer because of the tear gas, she did not directly attend the scene, but says: "If my husband reacted like that it's because he saw an injustice in front of him. He saw a woman pummeled on the ground. "He did not type the uniform, he has nothing against the police," she adds, referring to a document "which proves that he wanted to be a reservist gendarme" and that was filed.

"Class contempt"

Karine Dettinger says she was also pushed to express herself by the words of the head of state held last week in front of journalists and reported by Point. "The boxer, the video he made before he surrendered, he was briefed by a far left lawyer. It shows ! The guy, he does not have the words of a Gypsy. He does not have the words of a gypsy boxer, "Emmanuel Macron said.

" It's humiliating. Completely humiliating, judge the wife of Christophe Dettinger. My husband was educated, he is responsible, he works, we pay our taxes, we are French, we are honest citizens but we are belittled. The ex-boxer's lawyer denounces a "class contempt": for her, he is attacked as "a man of the people who is incapable of structuring his thoughts". The Elysée, requested by France 3, did not wish to comment on this case.


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