Christophe Galtier settles accounts with Olivier Létang

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Champion of France with Lille at the end of a season rich in suspense, Christophe Galtier did not however appreciate everything during his stay in the North. Before leaving for a new adventure in Nice, the 55-year-old manager never hid his bad relationship with his former manager: Olivier Létang. Almost a year after his departure from Lille, Galtier returned to the reasons for his departure from LOSC by pointing the finger at the current president of the club.

“It was very clear in my head eight or ten days after the departure of Gérard Lopez. There was the departure of Luis (Campos, the sports adviser), then that of Gérard. I knew my story would end there. She had to stop there. I arrived with people who were no longer there, for several reasons that I don’t have to comment on. I work like this. Quickly, I gave the trend to the president, to my adviser too”he first explained in the columns of The voice of the North.

“Olivier Létang thinks only of his face”

Despite the title fight with Monaco, PSG and OL, Galtier assures that his decision to leave Lille was made “the day after the victory at the Parc des Princes, on the 7th or 8th (April). I thought honestly, or naively, or maybe it’s my human side, leaving more easily with everything we had done in the club, what we left in terms of added value for the squad, with a championship title. And on that, I blame him “he adds, speaking of Létang, without naming him.

“So he’s happy, he got compensation (4 million euros, according to The Team). Thank you Jim Ratcliffe, thank you OGC Nice. He had the feeling of having passed for the president who was selling a trainer. For the institution. But he doesn’t give a shit about the institution. All northerners should know that. He only thinks about his face”, concluded the Aiglons coach. Atmosphere settling scores in Ligue 1.