Christophe Willem (Eurovision Destination): «The course d’Amir is a good example »

Christophe Willem (Eurovision Destination): «The course
 d’Amir is a good example »

FRANCE 2/21 HOURS – The artist is one of the jurors of the new contest organized on La Deux, which will designate the song and the candidate who will represent France at the 62nd edition of Eurovision.

France 2 launches this Saturday, January 13 the first phase of selection of Eurovision Destination , presented by Garou , which will oppose 9 artists, among the 18 in the running. Before the public intervention in the final, on January 27, the scores of the two semi-finals are given by a French-speaking jury and an international jury. Christophe Willem is one of the French jurors, with Isabelle Boulay and Amir .
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Why did you accept this mission? Because I always found that two things made it possible to federate people: sport and music. At the moment, where we have a Europe a little sick, federating people around a project like this allows us to remember that we are part of a whole. The project itself is really good. A lot of publishers, record companies, artists have been contacted. It is a beautiful inventory of places of musical creation today in France.
What is a good song for Eurovision? I do not think there is a perfect song, there are no pre-established things. take Salvador Sobral , who won the Eurovision 2017, is the perfect example that we can offer something very singular and get a total commitment. When you do things in an inhabited and sincere way, I think we are doing a great job. This is the case of Amir. He is generous, and there was a hymn in the song he proposed. His career is a good example.

«Amir belongs to this generation of artists who have reworked the image of Eurovision»
Christophe Willem
Does the fact that Amir is a juror reassured you? It was totally legitimate. To be honest, the first question I asked when I was asked about this project is, “Amir being on the jury?” For me, it belongs to this generation of artists who have reworked the image of Eurovision.
The participation of the public, in the final, the choice of the artist who will represent France, is it a good thing? Yes, it’s a contest, it’s something popular. We are not voting for an artist, we highlight the musical creation and what seems to us the most appropriate to represent us in Eurovision. It is a way to involve them in the process of this program and especially to have the fervor and support of the public for the candidate who will represent France.

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