Chronic fatigue is associated with lack of sleep

Doctor Javier Galvis, a specialist in functional medicine, spoke about the chronic fatigue felt by some people and What factors affect the pathology?

In dialogue with RCN World, The specialist stated that one of the reasons is lack of sleep, while adding that “lately and after the pandemic, the use of screens and devices increases that they take away hours of sleep for having the attention in other situations… there are studies that have shown that human beings are sleeping less and the biological clock is ticking”.

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“The body needs five 90-minute sleep cycles, that’s about seven and a half hours. However, masked to that is the obstructive sleep apnea or hypopnea syndrome and it is that during sleep people make pauses because they do not breathe, oxygen can be lowered and that stresses the brain and does not allow the brain to repair itself at night, “he warned.

The specialist assured that “this causes the person to wake up tired, drowsy, without energy and is in that attitude all day.”

Dr. Galvis referred to some practices that people have adopted such as dividing sleep by stages during the day and if this turns out to be more beneficial than sleep seven or eight hours straight.