Chronicle / [VIDEO] He sucked blood from a cow in a slaughterhouse and caught the attention of the roll

The video of the procedure went viral on social networks. (illustrative

A muleteer, who apparently would work in a slaughterhouse, caught the attention of the roll after a video in which he appears went viral on social networks. It is that in the recording, the guy is in the middle of the procedure, sucking the blood of the sacrificed cow! The event would have occurred in San Pedro del Paraná.

The event drew attention to the touch of the roll, who already baptized it as the “Sampedrano Dracula” or “the human bloodsucker”. But that’s not all, in social networks they also criticized the way they killed the cow. Users pointed out that the procedure is carried out cruelly and even in an uncontrolled manner.

Moment in which the man takes the blood of the cow. (video capture)

“Horror, cruelty and lack of control. This is how they kill animals in the municipal slaughterhouse of San Pedro del Paraná without total control. Neighbors allege that even stolen animals are slaughtered in the place and that the slaughterhouse does not have Senacsa certification, ”wrote the journalist Francisca Pereira, who shared the video on her Twitter account and raised dust on the networks.


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