Chronology of 4 People Killed by Cyanide Poisoned by Shamans in Magelang


Four people died when they were poisoned by cyanide, a male traditional healer in Magelang Regency, with the initials IS (57). The following is the chronology of the case revealed by the Magelang Police, Central Java, it.

– Thursday (14/5/2020)
20.00 WIB

It was revealed that the first IS victim was a man with the initials M (52), a resident of Kajoran District, Magelang Regency. Victim M is a neighbor of the suspect’s village.

“Yes, the latest development is that there are new facts, namely that the suspect explained that he had done this act three times. The first victim, Ms. (52),” said Magelang Police Chief AKBP Mochammad Sajarod Zakun to reporters, Monday (22/11/2021).

Initially, the victim went to the suspect’s house with Rp 3 million in cash. The victim at that time asked for prayers so that his wealth would not run out.

The suspect then gave water which turned out to be mixed with potash. Allegedly on the way home from the suspect’s house, the victim drank water in a plastic package and was eventually found dead on the side of the road.

“The money brought by the victim was IDR 3 million and the suspect was given water which was taken from the house and put in a plastic bag. The suspect was mixed with potassium which contains cyanide,” he explained.

– Friday (4/12/2020)
20.00 WIB

The second victim is S (63), a resident of Sleman. At that time the victim went to the suspect’s house and said that his banana plantation was often stolen and asked for prayers. However, at that time the suspect also stated that if he had a debt in the bank of Rp. 25 million and only had Rp. 15 million to pay it off. The suspect then intended to borrow the victim’s money of Rp. 10 million.

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“Around December 2, 2020, the victim came alone to the suspect’s house because he could not be accompanied. At that time, the victim brought Rp 10 million to borrow,” said Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the Magelang Police AKP M Alfan, Saturday (20/11).

The next day, the victim returned to the suspect’s house in Kajoran to take the condition that his banana plantation was not stolen. The victim was then accompanied by his grandson to the banana plantation.

“On December 4, at around 8 pm, the victim went to the banana plantation to put conditions. What he had previously been ordered was not to be seen by anyone,” said Alfan.

“Until 11 pm, the victim did not come out, then his grandson came in and checked the victim was lying down,” said Alfan.

According to him, based on information from the victim’s family at that time around the body was found plastic filled with liquid.

“Information from the family at that time, beside the victim, there was a plastic filled with liquid. Same as what happened on November 10, 2021,” said Alfan.

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