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Home Tech Chucklefish unveils new gameplay of the Indiana-Jones-style strategy adventure Pathway •

Chucklefish unveils new gameplay of the Indiana-Jones-style strategy adventure Pathway •

Developer Robotality (formerly responsible for the sci-fi strategy RPG halfway) has released a wide range of new gameplay footage from his intriguing, rousing "strategy adventure" of the 1930s, Pathway, released later this year at the PC is coming.

Inspired by Indiana Jones and classic Pulp adventure novels, Pathway employs a team of brave explorers (out of a choice of 16 each with their own equipment and skill trees) to process a procedurally generated map of unique story encounters. The adventures are determined by the chosen campaign, there are five in total – and yes, there are Nazis. And zombies. And possibly zombie Nazis?

For a good 10-minute piece of the resulting action, check out the new gameplay video from publisher Chucklefish. Note, however, that there is no comment. So you have to deal with someone who moves the mouse pointer at certain points instead.

While some of the points of encounter on the map offer the opportunity to sell goods and stockpile (including new weapons and fuel), others offer an appropriately adventurous flavor text that occasionally offers choices that affect the outcome of an event. However, the key parts of the game seem to be the combat encounters that resemble X-COM-like turn-based battles with a focus on strategic positioning.

I'm a little bit crazy about the old aesthetics of pulp adventure, so I've been eyeing Pathway for a while now. It definitely looks and sounds like the part, and we'll know if there's the gameplay hacking when it's released for PC later this year.


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