Chumbekes brings the dance and mischief of cumbia with his new single “Chiki”

Outstanding national group has collaborated with great artists from our country and on platforms such as Spotify it has about 52 thousand monthly listeners.

The party that brings the Chumbekes cumbia is sounding strong again these days, after they released their new single called “Chiki”, already available on Spotify and the different digital platforms. It is a single that addresses the theme of love, but in a picaresque way, with a danceable rhythm typical of a musical style and of a musical group that over time has built a large community of followers.

It is worth mentioning that this band was born at the Viña del Mar Festival in 2012, being the creators and composers of this group who won the folklore competition that year. In this journey they have also edited songs with artists such as María José Quintanilla, Luis Lambis, Los Viking5 and Pollo Gonzáles de Santa Feria, among others, going back to a category of quite transversal dance group, in musical terms, although without losing its northern essence, reaching a fairly wide audience, reaching about 52 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify.

About his new single, the founder, composer and arranger of this band, Matías Saavedra, said that “it arises from the idea that we all have a little girl in our lives that drives us crazy with love, from our mother, daughter or partner, the love moves the world. It is a theme of love, but in a more picaresque way. For us, launching this single is an opportunity to broaden our horizons to foreign countries like Spain and at a national level to have a single with good production quality and a fresh proposal”.

Regarding his upcoming projects, Mati Saavedra from Chumbekes commented that new releases are coming for this 2022. “We are focused on releasing three singles by the end of the year, as far as possible managing a video clip for each one, so that we build a more transversal hand in hand with productions with more renewed touches”, concluded the musician.