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Church: Former Pope Benedict makes for horror – one takes him in protection

The former Pope Benedict has commented on the sexual abuse of children in the Catholic Church. One main reason he sees outside the church. He sees a renewal of the church critically.

Update from April 13, 2019: Ex-Pope Benedict XVI. With his controversial letter in the opinion of the German Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller was the only one who contributed anything meaningful to the abuse debate in the Catholic Church. "Benedikt has punctured the pus in his letter," said Müller on Saturday the German Press Agency in Rome. "At the age of 92, Benedict XVI. wrote a text that is smarter than all the contributions to the Roman Abuse Summit and the nine-wise moral experts at the German Bishops' Conference together. "

On Thursday, several media had published an essay by the emeritus Pope in which he cites the "68 revolution" as a cause for the sexual abuse of children in the Catholic Church. With his letter, the native Bayer, who celebrates his 92nd birthday on Tuesday, spoke up in an extremely sensitive phase for his successor, Francis. The church is in deep crisis because of the scandal surrounding sexual abuse by clergy. Pope Francis invited the bishops of the world to Rome in February to discuss the problem.

"You look for guilty people everywhere, but creep around like the cat," Müller said. "And that is the false materialistic image of man with the reduction of sexuality to a commodity and selfish stimulants."

The theologian and psychotherapist Wunibald Müller has criticized the contribution of Benedict. There is no mention of the guilt that also applies to dealing with sexual abuse of bishops, writes Müller in a statement published on Friday in Würzburg. Not only the priests who had committed sexual violence against minors were guilty, but also the bishops, among them the former archbishop of Munich, Joseph Ratzinger. They were "not appropriate" with the perpetrators handled. They would have allowed them to continue their abusive behavior in the church.

The affected victims, their suffering, have not been heard, reminds Müller. "The lack of sensitivity, empathy, compassion for it." The theologian would have liked to hear from the churchman that he apologizes to the survivors of sexualized violence by clerics "where he, quite sure, without wanting it, contributed to their suffering ".

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News from April 12: Benedict confused abuse victims: "In the end, the devil is to blame"

8:15 pm: The victim initiative "Eckiger Tisch" has sobered up on Pope Benedict's letter on sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. Structural causes dazzle Benedict, criticized the spokesman for the group, Matthias Katsch, in an interview with the radio station Bayern2: "Instead, in the end, the devil is responsible for the fact that the evil has penetrated into the church.

It is a "premodern view", which does not contribute to solving the problem, said Katsch in the program "Radio World". The analysis goes completely by the way over. Nevertheless, the victim-representative remained calm: Precisely because of their failure to take the statement of the emeritus Pope "now too important."

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Ex-Pope Benedict: 68 complicity in church scandals – "gay clubs" in seminaries

Update from April 11th, 6:31 pm: The written by former Pope Benedict font continues to cause a stir in the church and outside of this. In addition to the societal reinterpretation of pedophilia, which, according to Benedict, took place in the 1960s, the ex-pope also finds clear words and criticizes events in the church itself.

It had come to a collapse of Catholic moral theology. He also reached the church internally. With regard to the seminaries, in which prospective clergymen are trained, a "substantial collapse of the previous form of this preparation is noted."

And Benedict describes this collapse in great detail: "In various seminaries, homosexual clubs were formed that acted more or less openly and significantly changed the climate in the seminaries." In addition, the former Pope complains that in a seminary in Germany candidates for the priesthood with candidates for the Office of Pastoral Referee lived together. The latter are not affected by celibacy and have brought their wives, children and girlfriends. "The climate in the seminar could not support the preparation for the priestly profession," summarizes Benedict.

Benedict makes provocative thesis on church scandals – theologians are appalled

Rome – For the emeritus Pope Benedict, the '68s are a cause for the sexual abuse of children in the Catholic Church. "The physiognomy of the 1968 revolution included pedophilia being allowed and diagnosed as appropriate," wrote Benedikt in an article published by the Catholic news network CNA on Thursday. Regardless of this, "a collapse of Catholic moral theology occurred at the same time, which rendered the church defenseless against the processes in society."

The emeritus Pope Benedict XVI.

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Benedict: "Applicable standards completely broken off" – church

The reason for the crisis of the Catholic Church is also a "godlessness". "Why did pedophilia reach such an extent? In the end, the reason lies in the absence of God ", writes the German ex-pope, who will turn 92 next week. After consultation with his successor Francis he has the text for the Bavarian clergy Journal written. It states: In the years from 1960 to 1980 "the hitherto valid standards in questions of sexuality were completely broken off" and a "lack of norms arose, which has meanwhile worked hard to intercept".

The former Pope Benedict warns in his letter also to solve the problems of the Catholic Church with a renewal of the institution. "The crisis caused by the many cases of abuse by priests forces us to regard the church as something that has gone astray, which we now have to thoroughly reorganize and redesign ourselves. But a church made by us can not be hope. "

Church: Theologians are outraged by Benedict: "A shameful letter"

Catholic theologians criticized. It is "amazing" to blame a liberal culture and progressive theology for an internal and structural problem, "said Julie Hanlon Rubio, a professor at California's Santa Clara Private University, on Twitter. She described Benedict's analysis as "profoundly flawed" and "deeply troubling."

Brian Flanagan, a lecturer at Marymount University in Virginia, tweeted: "This is a shameful letter." The assumption that the abuse of children by clerics was a result of the 1960s and an alleged collapse of moral theology, was an "embarrassing, wrong explanation for the systematic abuse of children and their concealment ".

Benedict was Pope from 2005 until his spectacular retirement in 2013. During his tenure, it came to light that masses of children were being abused by clerics worldwide. Faced with the severe crisis, Pope Francis had invited in February to an anti-abuse summit in the Vatican. Francis repeatedly points out that the reason for abuse is also the power structures of the church. The German Cardinal Reinhard Marx had recently demanded an "open debate" on the subject, such as* reported.

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