Cibulková about the theft in her apartment: She was surprised by the reaction of many

24.9. 8:04

Dominika Cibulková briefly reacted to the theft in her luxury apartment in Bratislava’s Old Town.

The thieves were acting at a time when Cibulková and her family seemed to be outside Slovakia. The theft came on Saturday night, and the former tennis player had previously shared footage from Tuscany with her fans. Although the police did not want to reveal the true value of the things stolen from Cibulka by thieves, according to our information, they must have been more expensive than 133 thousand euros.

Cibulková is extremely active on the instagram, but has been silent for a while after reports of theft. Since then, she has added only two contributions to the social network, both of which were paid cooperation, which probably arose before and was timed in advance for this time.

Under an advertisement for a coffee product, one of the followers teased Cibulková with his comment. “Mrs. Cibulkova is laughing, so those thieves didn’t do much damage,” wrote Martin, to whom the former tennis player briefly replied, she showed that she takes the situation sportsfully and she was certainly surprised by the reaction of many. See her reaction in GALLERY.