Cine concert “To the happiness of the ladies”: Cinema in Dijon

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Film by J. Duvivier, made in 1930 based on the novel by É. Zola. Composer: Theo Hakola. Performers: Theo Hakola, Bénédicte Villain, Delphine Ciampi, Zoé Hochberg. Shot shortly before the arrival of talkies, this film is very “modern” in its form and the image is of good quality. This film is interesting from an architectural and urban point of view because it speaks of the violent relationship that develops between the proponents of a clean slate town planning and those of the conservation of the old quarters of Paris. He also contrasts the bright, shiny and modern decor of the department store with the grimy, decrepit and ruined decor of the small businesses. There are many street, demolition site and building reconstruction scenes throughout the film. The editing is at times very surprising and experimental “for the time”, mixing superpositions, superimpositions, repetitions, splitting of images, causing quite astonishing kaleidoscopic effects.