Cinema as a didactic resource for the development of key competences in education

The University of Salamanca celebrates this online course from November 2 to 16, 2021. Those interested in registering can do so until October 31, 2021. In this course, the seven key competences in education using film will be worked on (audiovisual ) as a teaching resource. Throughout seven sessions, how to train in primary and secondary education for the development of competences through cinema as an illustrative resource of the corresponding contents will be addressed. In this way, the course focuses on each competence and the use of cinema:

1. Linguistic competence and cinema.
2. Mathematical competence and basic competences in science and technology and cinema.
3. Social and civic skills and cinema.
4. Learn to learn and film.
5. Digital competence and cinema.
6. Sense of initiative and entrepreneurial spirit and cinema.
7. Awareness and cultural expressions and cinema.

Specific films will be worked on in some sessions and, for the most part, the contents will be illustrated through film sequences and, in some cases, television programs. In this way, the main objective of developing the different educational competences in the primary and secondary classroom, will be joined to promote the watching of cinema. The development of critical capacity, motivated by the observation and analysis of audiovisual texts, is a fundamental process that articulates the didactics of the course.