Cinema is officially opening in Riyadh on Wednesday


It announced the entertainment company for the development and investment, which is owned by the Public Investment Fund Company, the opening of the first cinema in the Kingdom this week, in partnership with the company «AMC Entertainment» Film modern complex in King Abdullah Financial Center in Riyadh. The Entertainment and Development Entertainment Company will celebrate this historic moment with a special event on Wednesday, in the presence of prominent local and international figures as well as media outlets. The concert will feature a special screening of one of Hollywood’s most famous films, which will be announced later. The show will be the first of a series of exclusive film shows in April with special invitations only. The official opening of the event is scheduled for May, with the introduction of a ticketing service and test times through a sophisticated system via the company’s website. It is planned for the opening of three additional displays in the third quarter of 2018 at the King Abdullah Financial Center, as a step reflecting the beginning of the partnership, which is expected to witness the opening of the 40 complex film belonging to any company EMC in the various regions of the Kingdom over the next five years. This will enhance achievement of support for the partnership between the Entertainment Development and Investment Company and AMC Entertainment Inc., as one of the main objectives within contributing to the achievement of the objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 development of the entertainment industry and development in the Kingdom. The company plans to invest Entertainment 10 billion Saudi riyals in the development and creation of entertainment projects in the Kingdom in 2030. Solutions The two companies will host a series of special films during April with calls offers, as the official opening of the public will be during the month of May next.

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