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Cinema owners are extremely concerned by ‘Black Widow’ performance

by archyw

Marvel film Black Widow topped the US box office during its opening week. The film grossed $80 million there, as well as $60 million worldwide through VIP access on Disney+. But a week later, the film only grossed $26.3 million.As a result, the film dropped back to number two in the box office top ten. And that’s what the National Association of Theater Owners (NATO) is concerned about. The American organization that represents cinema operators thinks that this “shocking fall” related to the film’s hybrid release on Disney+ and in theaters.

Much worse performance
“Why has such a well-made, well-received and highly anticipated film fared so poorly? Despite assumptions that this release strategy was a success for Disney, it shows that an exclusive theatrical release means more revenue for all stakeholders in every cycle of the life of a movie”NATO wrote in a statement.

While Disney emphasized the $60 million that the film raised through Disney+, NATO points out that Disney must transfer a portion of the revenue to the platforms where Disney+ is available. It is therefore not the case that all proceeds flow directly back to the studio.

Moreover, NATO thinks that the online release of the film encourages piracy, which means that people are less likely to go to the cinema. The organization also thinks that many people share their passwords, so that the revenue via Disney+ will ultimately be not too bad.

Disney has not responded to NATO’s statement.

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