"Pupille" by Jeanne Herry, "Leto" of Kirill Serebrennikov, Margaux Bonhomme's "Marche ou Crève", "My mother is crazy" by Diane Kurys, "Asterix, The secret of the magic potion" by Louis Clichy and Alexandre Astier, or "The confines of the world" by Guillaume Nicloux.

Here is what The cross thought of this week's major cinematic releases.

Pupil ***

by Jeanne Herry

French film, 1 h 47

After the success of She loves it, Jeanne Herry signs one of the most beautiful movies of the year with the course of a baby born under X until its adoption.

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Leto ***

from Kirill Serebrennikov

French-Russian film, 2 h 06

Unjustly removed from the charts at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival, this musical and romantic film follows the itinerary of a legendary rock band in the USSR.

Around a love triangle, Kirill Serebrennikov, under house arrest in Putin's Russia, shows what was the wind of freedom, precursor of perestroika.

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Sink or swim ***

from Margaux Bonhomme

French film, 1 h 25

Inspired by her own story, Margaux Bonhomme made an uncompromising film about the daily life of a family facing disability in which the actress Jeanne Cohendy delivers an incredible performance. Disturbing but necessary.

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My mother is crazy **

from Diane Kurys

French film, 1 h 35

In this film that Vianney, true revelation, saves from excess, an extravagant mother and her son meet after years of misunderstanding.

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Asterix, The secret of the magic potion **

of Louis Clichy and Alexandre Astier

French animated film, 1 h 25
Starting from 7 years old

Original story of Alexandre Astier, the creator of "Kaamelott", these new adventures animated by the irreducible Gauls would have deserved a potion script more raised.

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The confines of the world *

of Guillaume Nicloux

French film, 1 hr 43

Beyond the crudity of certain scenes, the obsessive quest for revenge of a soldier in Indochina in 1945, accumulates clichés and quickly turns empty.

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