Cinema will reign again in Havana

Like every year, the International Festival of New Latin American Cinema, will take by storm the circuit of projection rooms located in Havana during the month of December. This time it will be to complete its 42nd edition, which had its “first dose” in 2020 and which was not possible to complete due to the country’s and international health situation.

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In such a way that on this occasion you can enjoy the Official Competition that covers the sections of Fiction and Documentary Short and Feature Films, First Feature, Animation, just like him Postproduction Choir. Shortly the programming of the screenings will be announced and the circulation of the printed version of the Festival Diary with its traditional edition 0.

Thanks to these actions, the interested public will be able to access the cinemas and purchase their tickets in advance, which will be available from November 25 for the price of 5.00 cup and will be valid for the entire Festival circuit.

The organizers of the prestigious event also announce that the awards for the 42nd edition will be delivered on Friday, December 10, and the film programming will continue until Sunday, 12, in all Project 23 cinemas.

Art by Excellencies, which for several years has been media partners of the event and its magazines have been presented as part of the Official program, will stay close to this festival of the seventh art so that its readers stay informed.

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