Cinthia Fernández publicly denounced Matías Defederico’s girlfriend

Cinthia Fernandez denounced in dialogue with LAM to Matías Defederico’s girlfriend, Laura, for entering his neighborhood without consulting him and for recording his house.

“¿Vos you would have problem that he goes to the neighborhood with the girlfriend or with the sister and that one of them brings them closer to the girls?”, the notero asked the panelist after the last dispute.

It was there that Cinthia launched: “With her partner I have a theme, one day I was hanging the Halloween things and I see her with the cell phone recording my houseentered with her without consulting me”.

“The problem is not that he rebuild his life, it is that he respects my house.”

“Why do I have to bank this? And he didn’t even say hello, you share time with my daughters… after that I said this girl does not enter more. Besides, ask me for permission, the problem is not that he rebuild his life, it is that he respects my house”, she concluded indignantly.


Cynthia Fernandez gave details of the talk that his mother had with Matías Defederico after learning that he could no longer enter the country where the former soccer player lives.

“My mom told him ‘don’t you have someone to help you on your side? Because you have the precautionary ‘and he told him ‘I don’t have anyone, fix yourselves’”, revealed to LAM.