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Through a statement released in the last few hours, the law firm Triana, Uribe & Michelsen announced that they have undertaken “the pertinent legal actions” to protect the good name of the Colombian filmmaker Ciro Guerra, who on June 24 was publicly accused of allegedly abusing and harassing eight women, according to allegations made through the website of the Volcánicas magazine.

The letter informs “that the pertinent legal actions have been initiated in order to protect and restore the rights to the honor, dignity and good name of the filmmaker, who have been seriously affected by the assertions of the journalists, broadcasting by voice on neck, in abusive and arbitrary ruling, the guilt of Mr. Guerra Picón based on accusations that, according to what they said, would be being carried out against them by people with assumed identities. “

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The document specifically refers to the journalists Catalina Ruiz Navarro and Matlde de los Milagros Londoño Jaramillo, as authors of the article and owners of the magazine Volcánicas.

The lawyers assure that “it is not intended to discuss the exercise of freedom of information or journalistic work. What is sought is analyzed, is justice and the possibility of carrying out public trials, ruling the responsibility of a person in certain events and before the opinion
general, without resorting to institutionality and in complete ignorance of the rights of those who are accused. “

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“The media have always carried out an informative work worthy of all our respect, but what should not fall is to turn them into a stage of public lynching, in which it is intended to develop a kind of justice by their own hand, even more so when air serious accusations that require a rigorous investigative protocol, “they say.

The scandal in which the Colombian filmmaker has been involved occurred when the trailer for ‘Waiting for the Barbarians’, the first war film in English, was about to be released. The filmmaker is based in Mexico where he was directing a historical series when the new coronavirus pandemic broke out.

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Guerra rose to fame with her film ‘The Shadow of the Walker’ and ‘The Travels of the Wind’, which had important performances at film festivals such as Cannes, and ratified her career when ‘Embrace of the Serpent’ was nominated for an Oscar, for best foreign film. ‘Pajaros de verano’ was her most recent production in Colombian cinema.

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