Cities of the world where the sun will not rise again in 2021 | International

From now on, the inhabitants of some cities of the world will see they will not see the Sol for the remainder of the year.

The darkness will be present in these areas for approximately 66 days, that is, until January 2022.

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This phenomenon occurs due to the arrival of the ‘Polar Night’. National Geographic ‘explains that this phenomenon occurs “by the inclination of the Earth’s axis, in which the absence of sunlight lasts more than 24 hours in the Arctic and Antarctic Circle. During the polar night, the sun does not reach a sufficient height to appear above the horizon in the regions closest to the poles, causing weeks and even months of darkness“.

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Thus, the cities that will be without sunlight until 2022 are: Barrow, officially known as Utqiaġvik and remaining in Alaska (USA); Murmansk (Russia) and Tromsø (Norway).

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