Citizen Lars Dietrich: The Story of the Pitti Birthday Song

How life goes sometimes… Even as a boy, Bürger Lars Dietrich, 49, was a huge fan of Pittiplatsch. Little Lars from Potsdam would never have dared to dream that one day he would be chosen to contribute the official birthday song in honor of the cult goblin… But that’s exactly what happened: the entertainer produced a song to celebrate Pitti’s anniversary, which he also sings himself (and raps): “Pitti Pitti Birthday!” SuperIllu.

Did you know that Pitti was already a music star in the 1970s? His Eterna LP “Kommt und sings mit Pittiplatsch” should not be missing in any kindergarten

© Heike Niemeier | SuperIllu

Fun in the rbb roof lounge: Citizen Lars Dietrich during the SuperIllu shoot.

Lars, how did the project come about?

The rbb and Jörg Stempel from the Sony record company and former Amiga boss approached me. But ultimately I think: The universe wanted it that way. Because the record “Kommt und sings mit Pittiplatsch” was something like my start in life, and I still enjoy listening to it. Even my kids can memorize everything on it. At that time I only heard the voice and saw the picture on the record cover and I fell in love straight away – and also somehow felt responsible. Of course I always watched it on TV. This loving way of staging, the pranks, his funny nature, the voice – Pittiplatsch played a very big role in my childhood.

To what extent has he influenced your development?

I actually identified a lot with him. His sense of humour, all the cheeky things he did… He was definitely defiant and anything but slick – but he always managed to get himself under control and was able to apologize. That makes him an important figure, especially for children like me back then. He’s an emotional bundle that can make people laugh and sometimes cry.

What did you take with you from your long-term “relationship”?

The realization that you should remain a child for a while. Retaining his childishness and, to a certain extent, naivety. Hold on to your own imagination and use it. And I also learned a lot from him about how to deal with clumsiness or arguments. Because his friendship with Schnatterinchen is sometimes put to the test. They bitch at each other from time to time, but they always find each other again.

One should remain a child for a while.

Citizen Lars Dietrich

© Heike Niemeier | SuperIllu

Apparently you carried the kobold on within the family?

Yes, I have three “Pittiplatsche” at home. And I found it absolutely necessary to familiarize my children with him – ultimately also because of the pleasant and unobtrusive educational side effect of the character. But mostly because it’s such a heartwarming thing. By the way, I’m really happy that my son became a puppeteer and learned it at Ernst Busch. This is how one or the other collaboration came about.

Tell me about the song!

So after I got the request, I knew right away what the whole thing had to look like. I am experienced in the field of children’s program anniversaries, among other things I wrote “Here comes the mouse”. I had them all, including SpongeBob & Co. (laughs) I didn’t have to do much research and wanted to tie in with the first Pittiplatsch time, which our parents, even grandparents, still know. He is actually already an old hand or goblin. For me, Pittiplatsch begins with the said record. The songs, the choirs – it all gives me goosebumps to this day. Pitti was just a constant while so much was changing around you. One could simply rely on him. And of course everything took its course in Master Nadelöhr’s tailor’s shop. This place, but also the fairytale forest appear in the song. And Pitti’s friends like Schnatterinchen and Moppi, whose original voices can be heard.

How exactly did the production of “Pitti Pitti Birthday” go?

I wrote the lyrics and a friend in Cologne created the musical bed. And that went back and forth between us all the time, mainly over the phone, until the song was written. It was also really important to me to incorporate a sample of the original Pittiplatsch song: “Nonsense and splash and nonsense…” I already knew that from kindergarten, it was practically part of the curriculum. And we combined that with modern hip-hop; a bond at 50 cents is included. Because it should be cool – like Pitti. Welcome to the group of gangsta rappers – yo, Pitti!

I knew right away what the song was supposed to look like…

Citizen Lars Dietrich

© Heike Niemeier | SuperIllu

“Oh my nose!” Citizens Lars Dietrich and Pittiplatsch. The Brandenburger grew up with the goblin and has already put his own family in “Pitti fever”!.

You’ve rightly said yourself that you’re the man for musical tributes on the occasion of children’s show anniversaries. Why do you have such a knack for it?

I do not know either. Somehow it’s easy for me to gain access to the world of children’s thoughts. I just like hanging around there – often better than among adults. I love making music and television for children, to animate them. Maybe because my childhood is still alive in me and I thought it was great when adults, who I thought were nice and cool, took my hand. I would like to be like that. Okay, I guess I’m just a kid trapped in an adult’s body after all. (laughs)

What about your girlfriend? Is she jealous of Pitti?

No! But she thinks he and the song are great. She didn’t know him at all before, but discovered him through me – like other things from my childhood. It’s actually nice that I can share something like that with her.

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Lyrics of Pitti Pitti Birthday

He is the proof
that there are goblins
That cheeky guy off
the goblin country
I loved him
because he was on principle
always nice
Curmudgeons were afraid of him
He is small, but mighty good
A real star for 60 years
Even when I was little
I liked seeing him
near in the tv tube,
no one was allowed to disturb In short:
It is his birthday today
he should live high
high as a ferris wheel
He should stay as he is.
It’s going to be sad without him
All TV viewers know
exactly who he is!

Happy birthday Pitti
Pitti Pitti Birthday
Long live our show star Pitti
Pitti Pitti Birthday
Happy birthday Pitti
Pitti Birthday
Naughty boy, sixty years
Oh you my nose!

Once he did
Master Eye of the Needle heavy
in the tailor’s shop,
many years ago
Whether fairy tale forest or goblin land
Pitti leads the pack
he has friends
who stand behind him
Especially his girlfriend
Moppi the pug, Mischka the bear,
Drehrumbum, Nickeneck
and even more
From far, far away and from next door
Everyone congratulates this little man
The joke, laugh
and can cry
Smart and cheeky
like sixty years ago.

Happy birthday Pitti
Pitti Pitti Birthday
Long live our show star Pitti
Pitti Pitti Birthday
Happy birthday Pitti
Pitti Birthday
Naughty boy, sixty years
​​​​​​​Oh my nose!

© Heike Niemeier / SuperIllu

Citizens Lars Dietrich and Björn Wolfram from SuperIllu met at rbb

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