Citizens reveal their suffering from baboons • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Al-Rased program reviewed some messages and video clips that show the suffering of citizens in mountainous areas from baboons.

The Al-Rased announcer read a message he received on his mobile, in which one of the citizens said: All initiatives will not work as long as the monkeys spread in this terrible proliferation. It has become a haunting problem for everyone. I am surprised by the silence of the authorities. and offspring.

And the program showed an old man guarding his sheep saying: I stand with her from morning until sunset.

Ibn Al-Massan said in the video: My father refrained from raising livestock because of the monkeys, and the people of the farms left it because of the monkeys.

While another citizen said: By God, we are suffering with the monkeys. If we put barley, we must sit and guard it from the monkeys.

The program also featured a previous video of girls who documented the moment baboons attacked their food while they were hiking in the wild.